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Triumph Strength & Conditioning - CrossFitWarm-upFoam Rolls Quads, Calves, Lats Chest Opener 2 min each side 2 Rounds 200m Run 10 Spider Lunge-Chest opener 10 Ring Rows 10 Push-ups 10 Hollow Arch Swings Knee-to-Elbow Work on straight leg raise with kip knees to chestMetcon (Time)30 Min Amrap with a Partner…


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Triumph Strength & Conditioning - CrossFitWarm-up"Fun Game" burpee Knockout 3 Rounds 10 PVC Pass throughs 10 Around the Head 10 Narrow Behind Head Press 10 Over head squat Barbell Warm up Shrugg-High Pull-Power Snatch Each Position Power Snatch Barbell Cycling and Burpee Tech 5 Min to build up to first…