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5 Ways to get over your fitness hurdle

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Now that we’re starting to get out of the honeymoon phase of our New Year’s resolutions it’s time to take inventory. How are your goals progressing? Have you set new goals? Do you even remember what that original goal was? If not, don’t fret. It’s common, that’s why we see just as many, if not more, of those resolutions broken as we see succeed. The question is why? Is it because the goal we set was too hard? Perhaps, but maybe it just wasn’t planned correctly. Is it because the result we wanted was taken away from us? Maybe, or we just are trying to find a scapegoat for our own shortcomings.Below are some steps to help ensure the goals we set are actually reached.

“If I go into reading a book on quantum physics with the notion that it will be simple I’m more likely to give up when I quickly find how difficult it is.”

Before diving in. I think it needs to be said that regardless of the goal, an understanding of what we’re trying to take on whether it’s weight loss, a performance or professional goal needs to be had. What I mean is that if we’re trying to lose 50 lbs we have to grasp the level of difficulty we’re attempting. Conversely if we’re trying to gain 10 healthy lbs of muscle, it too needs to be comprehended the difficulty of the goal. This is the base on which I think we can start to build our success. If I go into reading a book on quantum physics with the notion that it will be simple I’m more likely to give up when I quickly find how difficult it is.


  1. Take ownership of your goal.

Sounds simple right? I mean, you set it, it’s YOUR goal. What else is there to take ownership of? How many times growing up did you blame something you did on someone else? Maybe a little brother or sister for breaking something? Taking ownership of your goal means to stop blaming others of your shortcomings or why you quit. It’s not an easy pill to swallow at times but it needs to happen. Afterall, it is YOUR goal. You’ll be put in situations where you can take two paths, it’s up to you to take the one that leads to your goal every single time. If you happen to fall off track, it’s okay. There’s always a way back to the path of your goal.


2) Know what you want.

Again, sounds so basic. But what we see as coaches time and time again is that we have a broad idea of what we want but no specific goal. Or we have end picture of what we want but no goal to get there. Our fitness goal needs to bridge the gap. GET SPECIFIC!!! If your goal is to build your squat, get specific on how much and what type. Instead try, “My goal is to front squat 200 lbs.” If you want to tone up, as we hear so often. Instead try “My goal is to lose 10 lbs while building my strength through exercise and nutritional guidance.”


3) Look how far you’ve come.

Inevitably we all reach a plateau. Or as we affectionately call the “this is stupid” phase. It’s incredibly hard to see the changes in our performance or composition when we’re looking at it under a microscope everyday. Take a step back. No, a bigger step. Look back at day 1, even day -1. What made you start this journey? What did you feel like that day? What made you say enough is enough? Now, look at that person you were and look where you’re standing right now. I can with almost certainty you’re a different person. Inside and out.


4) Let go of what held you back.

Relapse is a term with some taboo connotations. Usually reserved for what we consider more serious things than fitness and nutrition. But really, what is more important than your health? We can relapse in our goals. Feeling like we’re starting from square one. The point with this step is to let go of the things that may try and pull you back to your old ways. If you know you can’t have sweets in the house (real, real, real, guilty) then guess what? YOU HAVE TO GET RID OF THE SWEETS IN THE HOUSE! If you make bad lunch decisions when you don’t meal prep, make it a priority to meal prep. This can go as deep as relationships with other people. If you have friends who pressure you into having a few drinks a couple nights a week but your goals are pulling you in a different direction, you may have to separate yourself from them. Long story short, get rid of the things that do not point you towards your goal.


5) Get rid of one thing that scares you a day

This could have many different titles, “Get out of your comfort zone” would be suitable but I think the cliche would have you passing this subject right up. This could be as simple as trying a food you’ve never had or as serious as getting to your first CrossFit class when you’re deathly afraid that you might die (you won’t). We will fail at the limits of our experience. We have to push those limits to help us grow. Growing helps us reach those goals that much faster.


I seriously hope this short list can help you in gaining ground on that resolution that may have lost some steam over the last couple weeks. We’re always here for advice or guidance, never be hesitant to ask.


~Coach Jarrett