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Athlete vs Competitor

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We all make jokes about calling ourselves Athletes because frankly we do some things that make us not feel very athletic! Here is the deal though, every single person who attends a Crossfit class…is an athlete! As an athlete we strive to be better at our “Pyramid of Fitness”


When you and I first started Crossfit our goal wasn’t the games (maybe it was) either way we were not promised a Crossfit Games ticket as a competitor. We had to practice the movements and get the patterns down and learn the lingo and of course buy all the neon possible! We learned about GPP (general physical preparedness). We struggled through workouts and relished in every single little victory! Somewhere along our journey we decide to do a competition and that rush of adrenaline that power of competition maybe for the first time or for the first time in a while is something that spurs a change. That change makes us want faster, more muscle, more weight, more gymnastics; in short MORE FITNESS! We start adding increasingly more volume and looking at what the top athletes are doing and mimic it.

The determination and dedication of Crossfit athletes is unparalleled, we will do whatever our Coaches tell us because we trust them. The single hardest change to make is NUTRITION and if you look to the left here you can see it is also the FIRST and MOST important piece. Without proper nutrition we cannot sustain volume or conditioning in general because our body won’t be running efficiently or recovering. What happens most often is we want the weightlifting part of the pyramid first, then sport then gymnastics and metcons together, you can see this would cause a problem in balancing our fitness. Simply put if you are an athlete you should “never be hurt” (Things happen that nobody can help) People get hurt during Intramural sports so to suggest you will never get hurt working out is absurd. But by following this guideline that wods follow, I dare you to see how often they do a “strength” workout. If you are an athlete, your goal is to live longer, lose weight, get rid of medications, stay away from a nursing home for as long as possible and is what we strive for anyone who comes through the doors of Triumph.


Competitors-a person who takes part in an athletic contest. The main difference here is, in Ben Bergeron’s own words (Coach of Fittest man and woman and master on earth) “Competitors WILL get hurt” it will happen, it isn’t a matter of will they but when will they. They are searching for all of the small idiosyncrasies of each movement and how to do them faster (We all are) and they are basing everything off of a system of ; qualifying strength, qualifying gymnastics and qualifying conditioning. We in our daily life do not need these, you won’t be stopped from driving because you can’t back squat your bodyweight or hold a baby because you can’t walk on your hands. The number one thing that will directly affect your life is your conditioning. Conditioning will lower your cholesterol, resting heart rate, blood pressure etc. It’s the one factor that correlates closest to overall health. While lifting weights is helpful for bone density among other things, if we cannot lift weights while under duress we won’t be lifting safely. Competitors must fulfill these requirements constantly to get out of the open into the regionals and hopefully make it to the CrossFit games. This is what their lives revolve around.

“If you are an athlete, your goal is to live longer, lose weight, get rid of medications, stay away from a nursing home for as long as possible and is what we strive for anyone who comes through the doors of Triumph.”

When we go to compete in local competitions or against each other for the open try not to look at it as I need to beat so and so or I didn’t win so I am bad look at it as a chance to learn something about yourself and areas where you need work. At the end of the day we all started this to become the best version of ourselves, right?


I used to think I needed to be like Rich Froning Jr. , SPOILER ALERT: Rich Froning Jr. is taken, there is only 1 just like there is only 1 me and only 1 you. We have to be the best version of ourselves and it’s absolutely okay to aspire to be like someone as long as we don’t blur the line of being proud of who we are.

Enjoy every PR, smile every class, raise up others and workout with the goal of living forever. I’ll see you all on the leader board (I’ll be closer to the bottom) Have a great rest of the open and HAVE FUN.