August Member of the Month: Dan Lyons

Dan went from casual Crossfitter into a dedicated morning staple over the course of the past year. He has an incredible attitude that ranges from adding hilarious dialogue to meaningful conversations after the WOD. Although he may be a chest and arms kind of guy, he doesn’t cherry pick workouts, instead he uses them as a chance to understand movements and become a more well rounded athlete.

All of his traits make him a great competitor, a specific example is how Adam Zoda, the writer of this sappy MOM post, challenged him to a 60 day body fat loss competition. I thought this was easy money when I factored in Dan’s old habits of spotty attendance, short attention span, and lavish lifestyle. But NO, I turned his life around with this competition, an absolute success story for Dan, he is on top of the world, losing over 20 pounds and maintaining muscle mass. You may be my enemy now, but at least I can say we were friends at one point. Congrats Dan!!!

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