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Batten The Hatches. Batten Them!

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Hi! Is there a set way to start a blog? Like, a way that doesn’t make me sound like a moron? When you all figure out that secret sauce, let me know.


*Seamless Segway*


This is a public service announcement. The majority of the people who read these from me (I assume) go to my gym. For the next 8 weeks, I’ll be writing the programming for the general population classes.

No need to really buckle up here. This is just to explain what to expect out of the next two months and the how/why.

This is my first time programming for a class setting for a prolonged period of time. I’ve done individual classes, programming for people, for barbell club and the like. The process itself doesn’t really change too much here. Even though I don’t have the direct experience here, I feel completely prepared for this opportunity. What I am asking for is just a little patience and faith in my abilities. Those of you around me know that I am a sponge for information. I’ve spent the last year watching, listening and absorbing everything I possibly could from Mark, Chris and Jarrett.

Here’s what to expect from me: CrossFit. Plain and simple. Constantly varied functional yadda yadda. But that’s it though. The method we have been following this year is the same one I will continue on. We each have our own personal flairs and I think that will be evident but the basics remain.

The next 8 weeks are written. Done. All wods. Have faith that there is an overall plan. Every week is made to build off of the previous week. (This is the how and why part) This first week is going to be pretty consistent with a barbell. Next week, not so much. We have one hour a day to get fitness in. Every program is going to have holes in it. If you follow a program that says it doesn’t, you’re either exercising 4 hours a day or being lied to.

So every week is going to be a bit different but there are some underlying similarities. Because we’re training to get fit and NOT sport specific, we hit a variety of time and modal but the consistent theme is intensity. This is the only secret sauce and also why we don’t have Strength/metcon days. Even though it does say metcon, that is a strength biased system. Your hole is now metabolic conditioning.

We have a member who moved in from out of state a few months ago. He was hesitant about staying with us when we explained our dot com mentality having come from a strength/metcon gym. We asked for faith and he stuck around. What happened in the next few months? His fitness improved. His lifts have gotten stronger. Another example. A current member who has been with the gym for several years now. A week after asking why we don’t have strength/metcon, he PR’d is front squat. The following week, we had max front squats for a wod. There were a TON of pr’s. But we haven’t been front squatting? It’s because of the intensity. We STILL get heavy days in. Only thing is, we’re hiding it in the metcons. As i write this, I know the next days programming is a lot of heavy deadlifts. With running. Does that eliminate the work you’re doing on deadlifts? Absolutely not.

This pyramid has held up time and time again. The biggest results still happen with the above priority scale. Do you want to get strong and all get out?? Gymnastics. Hands down. Week one is heavy on the barbell. Week two? Yep. Heavy on the gymnastics movements.

The next 8 weeks are going to be hard. I’ve written in some tough workouts, some of which I can’t RX myself. I’m not who I am programming for though. So I’m not just asking for your faith in my program. I’m asking for you to have faith in yourselves. If you read the weekly program emails, I give an explanation of what you should expect out of each workout. If you challenge yourself and keep within the desired feel of the work, I PROMISE you will not only get the results, but you will surprise yourself with what you can do along the way. I truly believe that.


~Coach Derek