June Member of the Month: Nick Lopez

Imagine you’re a marketing company and you’re the one in charge coming up with the story line for a commercial. Guy wakes up and decide it’s time to make some changes. Starts out slow, making direct, conscious changes that are small and manageable. The commercial cuts to him in the future, heathier and stronger that before. That in a nutshell is Nick.

Nothing of what Nick does would be looked at extraordinary by most standards. That is not to say that what he’s done is not extraordinary, just that the changes he’s made have been small and over the course of a long period of time (the ones we like the most). Most changes you wouldn’t see unless you’re looking very closely.

What you haven’t seen are the early arrivals to class for stretching, asking specific questions to the coaches about movements, extra long cool downs and work put in the kitchen. By the numbers, Nick’s strength has gone up as well. With numerous new personal bests under his belt and many more to come. All while making fitness a priority for the rest of his family as well. Nick’s wife Jenn (who’s also a member) and their children have regularly taken part in our other programs. Leading by example and showing what it takes to create the changes you want to see in yourself. Congratulations Nick!

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