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Please Welcome Kelsey Blaze

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Today we have the pleasure of introducing Kelsey Blaze as a part of the Triumph Training Staff. Kelsey has been involved with CrossFit for four years now. When asked why she wanted to become a coach, Kelsey responded with a simple “I knew I wanted to coach when I saw that although life will knock you down 10 times, CrossFit will help you stand up 11.” With that attitude we knew she would be a great fit here.

Kelsey has two arch enemies in CrossFit, thrusters and running. For most thursters probably fall into the most hated of all movement category. We asked Kelsey why she disliked both of those movements and her response was “because, how are you expected to breath?”  Her favorite is not in the traditional CrossFit WOD, but are fun nonetheless. “Ball slams” as she puts it, are fun “because it’s fun to throw things on the ground.” We couldn’t agree more.

Originally from Granville, Massachusetts, Kelsey now is a Clinical Research Coordinator at University of Cincinnati where she helps run studies that allow us to learn more about disease processes, improve treatments and help save lives.


Kelsey is a fantastic addition to the Triumph staff. With a welcoming personality and passion for fitness we are thrilled to have her aboard.

we appreciate you joining me in providing a warm welcome for Kelsey.

With excitement,

The Triumph Training Staff