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Start today. Could be a quotable from Instagram or Twitter. A generic feel good post meant to get likes. But what if you actually took the first step to actually starting today? When will you decide to take control of your physical body?

Take 5 minutes and consider where you’re at currently with how you feel about yourself. What do you want to look like? What do you want to feel like? What attributes do you wish to have? I’ve always been into Fight Club Brad Pitt myself. Sounds vain but let’s go there. What’s stopping you from getting there? I would bet it’s some kind of discipline or habit building. 

Good news! We can change our mental wellbeing as well as physical bodies through exercise and nutrition. Prioritizing movement and nutrition is key to a long lasting and fulfilling life.  I’m speaking to the person that knows what to do and has known what to do from day 1, but continues to fail to act on their own intuition. You know what to do, so why aren’t you doing it? 

Is it because deep down you don’t want it that bad? Is it because you don’t have a goal that pushes you out of bed each day? Is it because you know it’s going be hard, take time and sacrifice?  I’m not saying it’s easy, I know it’s not easy. But if you’re a person that makes excuses and neglects your health day after day I’m telling you it’s only gonna get harder. So suck it up and start. 

Day 1 leads to day 2

Which leads to day 100 and leads to a new you in all areas. I’m not sure where you are, but on average most people have a really hard time starting any new journey on their own. If your goal is to run a marathon this year and you’ve never run a mile, start with a lap around the block. But build from that point and do it consistently. If you know you need help, hire a coach. If you can’t afford a coach, ask a friend or family member. The options are limitless and they will all certainly work on improving you if you do it consistently. 

I genuinely want you to kick major butt in 2021 but you have to want it for yourself. You have to pick yourself up and start to move towards a better you. I believe in you because I’ve seen it done time and time again. The one thing all those people have in common is they got tired of the previous version of themselves. So I ask you when will you decide to make this a priority and start moving toward a better you?

Take your first step and talk to a coach. We’re here to help.

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