Top 5 Banded Exercises for Golfers

Golf is no longer a sport enjoyed by the stuffy, rich type. Reserved for the retired and a game of relaxation. The sport has exploded with sport science playing a major role. Below we’ve compiled our top 5 banded exercises to help you build strength for the game.

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1) Face Pulls Secure a band around a pole or stable structure at chin level. With an overhand grip pull the band to your chin. Throughout the movement keep your elbows up just below the height of your wrist. Try to avoid shrugging your shoulders up while performing this movement. Also avoid reaching your head forward while the band is coming towards your body. This movement should be felt in the upper back. 

Muscles targeted: Rear Deltoids, Rhomboids.

Application to golf: This is a great movement for shoulder stability and posture. This will help with a good setup for your swing. It will also help with longevity for your shoulders in the sport.

2) Banded pull aparts: Grab a band with each hand about shoulder width. Start with the band slightly below chin height. With an overhand grip and your arms straight in front of you pull the band apart until it meets your chest. 

Muscles targeted: Rear deltoids Rhomboids Trapezius Rotator cuffs.

Application to golf: Similar to face pulls, banded pull aparts will help your posture in your set up. This is a movement that will significantly improve any rotator cuff issues. The rotator cuff tends to wear down over time if not strengthen properly. Doing this exercise will greatly improve your chances of having strong shoulders later in life. 

3) Banded Sword pull:  Place one end of the band under your right foot. With your left hand pull the band tight at hip height. In a diagonal motion pull the band up and to the left until your left arm is extended in a Y shape. The left hand will start with the thumb down and then rotate on the way up. Make sure to not go too fast and keep your rib cage pulled down throughout the movement. 

Muscle targeted: infraspinatus, anterior deltoids, 

Application to golf: This exercise will help with the rotation of the swing. Especially in the follow through and finishing with the hands high. Healthy shoulders will rotate and move without all the clicking and cracking. This is a movement that will help for years to come. 

4) Lat Pulls: Place the band around a pole or another stable surface at eye level. Grab one end of the band with your right hand the other end with your left. Start in a slightly bent position with the band pulled tight. Pull the band back and down while squeezing the shoulders blades down. Make sure the shoulders are pulled down away from your ears.

Muscles targeted: Lats, rhomboids 

Application to golf: Overall power in your swing and strengthening your back. This is a two for one and will be a fantastic movement to include in your training. Stronger lats and mid back will only be a good thing for longevity in the sport. 

5) Pallof presses: Attach a band to a pole or another stable surface at chest level. With an overhand grip grab the band with both hands at the end. Turning your body 90 degrees away from the attachment point begins with both arms straight in front of you. In a rotating fashion with the arms straight turn away for the attachment point. Resist the urge of the body to be pulled back toward the attachment point. Balance it out and make sure you hit both sides.

Muscles targeted: Internal and external obliques, rectus abdominis

Application to golf: Rotational strength and stability! These two things alone should be reason enough to do this movement everyday. This movement will help strengthen your core for power in the swing overall. I love this movement for controlling the transition from my back swing into my down swing. Absolutely love this movement! 

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