Weekly Recipe: Carrot Apple Salad

We’ve asked our coaches and staff to provide their favorite recipes so we can share them with you!

Starting off we have a carrot apple salad, shown here by Dr. Josh Axe.

We love this healthy side dish for it’s simplicity, it only takes 10 minutes to make. It’s great taste, this is mostly for it’s bite of sharpness from the lemon and sweet from the apple. But one of the best reasons is for it’s overall health benefits. All the ingredients are high on the scale for vitamin and mineral content as well as keeping things in a good range for calorie content.

Obviously with this being a side dish we recommend eating some protein with this. We usually have either a nice filet of fish or chicken breast. Additionally, try switching out the apples for other fruits, such as plums, pears or peaches for a different flavor.

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