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Why we challenge you

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We’re currently underway with week two of our six week Triumph Clean Challenge. This is the second year we’ve conducted this challenge as well as others along the way. Every now and then we hear “why are we doing this?” or “what does this have to do with a weight loss challenge?”.

We have four core values that dictate every decision we make at Triumph. For us it makes our vision for our future very clear and makes tough decisions much easier to make.

Integrity: We are asking each of you to trust us with your fitness journey. We have to have integrity, plain and simple. If we’re asking you to trust us and we do not hold ourselves to the highest level of honesty and ethics then how can we truly ask for that trust?

Client First: You are the reason we are here. You are the reason there is a Triumph Strength. You are the reason we get to take part in the profession we love. You must come first for us to be successful.

Consistency: Out of the four, this is one we struggle with. There are many personalities and many situations that call for individual attention and there are times in which we struggle with this value. Again, thank you to those who allow us to get up and try again tomorrow.

Humility: In today’s culture and social climate it seems hard to be humble. Everything around us tells us to promote ourselves and not others. To put ourselves first and to push those around us down. We like to think we go against the grain in that manner. Like it’s stated above, we aren’t the ones building Triumph, you are, so why would we take the credit?


I digress. What does this have to do with Triumph Clean? The more we dive into what we do it’s becoming more apparent that we are less about fitness than we are about wellness and community. Fitness it only part of it, the physical part. There are plenty of people who are physically fit but mentally broken. Our goal is to not only make everyone fit physically but to build the mental fortitude of each and every one of our members. This may be trying a new food, trying a new activity, getting to the underlying health issue, discussing sleep patterns, career paths or family issues.

Additionally, we like to think of ourselves as a big ol’ family at Triumph. As new people come in friendships form but it’s important to broaden those friendships with people you’d have never associated with before. Personally it’s one of the best parts of CrossFit. To suffer through something with someone you’d never have even met outside of the four walls of the gym. It levels the playing field.

So when you’re asking yourself “what does a song have to do with a clean eating challenge?” you can have a little more insight to what our overall goal is. To make you the best possible person you can be.

~Coach Jarrett