Carry The Shield

Florence's CrossFit Leader

Triumph Strength and Conditioning - Home of CrossFit Accretion holds our tight-knit community above everything else. Sure you'll find Florence's most highly trained coaches under this roof, but you'll also find our members going out of their way to welcome and support new clients and each other. We pride ourselves on making our box a clean place where you can obtain the guidance you need to begin changing your life forever.

Our functional and intense workouts are unmatched, and when paired with a solid nutritional foundation, you have the perfect combination for a healthier you. Our classes encourage the camaraderie that we're known for, which in turn drives the amazing results you'll soon experience. Find out what it means to Carry The Shield and join this amazing community today.

Sore Today. Strong Tomorrow

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Our Facility

We've got all the room you ever dreamed of. Our 7,000-square-foot facility has the resources you need to push yourself to new limits. Our classes are engaging, challenging, effective, and fun! Our WODs will get your heart pumping and soon your energy levels will soar! Check out Florence's premier fitness community.

  • I’ve lost weight, which is something I have wanted to do for years. I’m stronger in numerous ways than I was when I first showed up. I eat much better thanks to Keith’s suggestions. I’m not gasping for air during the warmups anymore either.

    Jeff Ryan

  • I LOVE this place ... A LOT. Other than the community vibe and helping make me a better person, my favorite thing about Triumph is the coaches ... no really. It is. It is amazing to watch each of the coaches work out, sometimes multiple times a day.

    Heather Goldsberry

  • That day I walked into Triumph has changed my life in more ways than I could’ve imagined in such a short period of time. CrossFit has given me so much more than fitness. I always have a sense of accomplishment after class, and I carry that with me throughout the day.

    Crystal Warner