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Jarrett Baston

CCFT, USAW L2, TN-KY WSO President

Owner/Trainer Jarrett Baston has been in the fitness industry for over a decade and specializes in Olympic lifting and gymnastics. His passion for fitness, wellness, and self-improvement all boil down to the same thing: pushing beyond the limits of what was previously thought impossible.

When coaching his members, Jarrett is inspired by their willingness to learn and their sincerity in working hard to reach their goals. His favorite quote is “Brought into this world without my consent, and I’ll be taken out against my will.”

Mark McCain

CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Mobility, CrossFit Powerlifting, CrossFit Football, Precision Nutrition Level 1

Owner/Trainer Mark McCain became a personal trainer while attending the University of Cincinnati after transferring from West Liberty University, where he was attending on a baseball scholarship. One day he “Got dragged to a Saturday CrossFit class, got my butt kicked, and the rest is history.”

When training his members, he loves to “Reach deep inside and pull out a person that they didn’t know existed.” It’s building members’ confidence and helping them reach their goals that he’s most passionate about in the gym. “I am humbled daily by the CrossFit community and the amazing people it attracts,” he says. “I feel super grateful for this opportunity to do what I love.”


CrossFit Level 1, USAW Weightlifting

When asked why she wanted to become a coach, Kelsey responded with a simple “I knew I wanted to coach when I saw that although life will knock you down 10 times, CrossFit will help you stand up 11.”

Kelsey has years of experience in and out of the gym helping people. When not coaching, Kelsey is a Clinical Research Coordinator at University of Cincinnati where she helps run studies that allow us to learn more about disease processes, improve treatments and help save lives.

Mike Whalen

CrossFit Level 1, Previously a licensed school counselor. Starting a double masters program in the fall at Mount Saint Joesph University for Organizational Leadership/MBA

Mike has been doing CrossFit for about 2 years and has always been active in sports for as long as he can remember: football, baseball, basketball, track, racquetball, golf, and now Crossfit and Powerlifting!

He is passionate that fitness can be anything we want it to be, from a simple walk down the street to muscle up training. There is always something we can work on to get better. People who accomplish something they didn’t believe they could do, that look of pure joy in the moment the goal is met is what inspires him most.

His favorite quote is “I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really. Get busy living or get busy dying.” Tim Robbins – Shawshank Redemption -Any interesting facts about yourself? I share a birthday with my wife and my dad, November 14th.

Allana Oak

CrossFit Level 1

You want an uplifting and enthusiastic class, Allana is your coach…well to clarify, it’s Dr. Oak. While an OB in Labor and Delivery at St. Elizabeth by night (well all random times of the day and night) Allana is a fellow CrossFit expert while at Triumph. She brings the heat and all types of energy to our classes. Never letting you go without clear instruction and what to expect. You are sure to enjoy your time being led by this fit lady.

Adam Zoda

CrossFit Level 1

Adam is a long time committed member and avid Crossfitter who recently joined as a coach. We love seeing those who are passionate about the sport and seeing change in others lives join as a coach. You are sure to get an early sweat on with Adam pushing you along the way.

Adam Matthews

Bachelor in Exercise and Health Strategies

Originally from Cincinnati, OH and a collegiate soccer player who graduated from Thomas More University, Adam has taken his enthusiasm for sport and put that energy towards helping and training others.

With a client based goal of helping others reach their goals Adam finds inspiration through his former coaches. As they had made a very large impact on who he is as a player and person today. One of his favorite quotes comes from the world of “The Office”.

In addition to playing soccer for Thomas More he also played collegiate volleyball and semi-pro soccer and is currently working towards his CSCS. Lastly, Adam comes to us with coaching experience on the field as he is the men’s varsity soccer coach at Villa Madonna. If you see him around please introduce yourself and welcome him to the community.

Joy Collins

Crossfit Level 1

A multi-sport athlete, teacher, mother and coach. Joy has taken her years of experience and has put all her energy into making others better.

Lauren Concepcion

CrossFit Level 1

Lauren takes her talents as an athlete and brings them to the table each and every day in her classes. You’ll feel right at home and welcome when Lauren is around, all while being pushed to excel.

Sean Brooks


Like any business we’re always striving to better the lives of our customers. Sean brings an area of expertise to Triumph that both Jarrett and Mark lack. He will be a phenomenal addition to our staff and will push us to not only better ourselves but better everyone the lives of everyone we can reach.

Zac Eagler

CrossFit Level 1

A Florence Police Officer and collegiate athlete, Zac has been active his entire life. His leadership and poise shows in each class he coaches.

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