30 Days of Cold Showers

Ice Cold showers…YAY!

Cold shower anyone? Probably not too many people moving to the front of the line for 30 days of no warm or hot showers. So why did I do it? Why would you do it? Short answer…because I didn’t want to. Forcing myself to continuously take a cold shower for an entire month wasn’t fun. This isn’t necessarily something I got excited about day after day, but each time it got a little more manageable and not as difficult to step into the cold water. As silly as this may sound it carried over to other parts of my everyday life.  You see I have to do things almost everyday that I’m not necessarily excited to do…like call people I don’t know with the chance they’ll just hang up on me. What I discovered with the cold shower was it’s really only the first 10 seconds that suck. After you’re able to catch your breath and adjust to the actual temperature of the water, it recalibrates your normal and you’re good – similar to calling someone for the first time. Or in our world of fitness, trying a new skill, going for a new PR or trying a workout that looks extremely daunting. You realize this isn’t so bad, and it might actually be beneficial. The cold showers actually gave me more confidence in jumping into other situations in day to day life with less heistancy. Now, if I absolutely need to I can back out of the situation or “shower”, but the fact that I made an attempt, now that’s the important part. It was one thing in college to push that paper off till 2:00am the night before its due, but it’s a whole different story when other people like your future self are counting on you to get it done.

5 things that happened over the 30 days:

1) Mental toughness increased

2) Decreased inflammation in my joints (wrist and ankles for me)

3) Upregulation of testosterone

4) Less time in actual shower (saved over 60 mins in a month)

5) Felt more energy and alert after a morning shower

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Next up 30 days of gratitude.

Coach Mark

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