August Member of the Month: Sharon Gronotte

This may be the first time in the history of Triumph, minimally in recent history, that we have a repeat Member of the Month. Generally speaking we try to highlight someone new each and every month. By no means have we run out of new people to highlight. It’s just that when someone takes it upon themselves to re-commit themselves to fitness and putting themselves at the forefront of health, we just have to take a moment to applaud their achievements.

Sharon is what you would call a “Triumph OG”. In fact she was there before it was Triumph! We met Sharon way back in 2013 and over the years we’ve not only gotten to know her, but her family as well. This includes her sister Paula, who also goes to Triumph and deserves her own post for being awesome, but that’s another day.

Over the year’s we’ve watched Sharon grow as an athlete and friend. We’ve seen her kids grow, navigate through high school and then off to college. We’ve also seen Sharon put others in front of herself to ensure they’re living their lives to the fullest. Like many of us, when times get crazy things like fitness can take a backseat to other things going on in life. Today we’re celebrating Sharon’s ability to redirect her energy and make some pretty amazing changes in her overall wellness. There are so many photo to choose and trying to narrow them all down to just a couple is a challenge. But going through old photos has me nostalgic, so we’re going to stick to some from the old “car wash” days.

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