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Start working on a plan to get you and your family and your family’s family living a better life! It’s going be hard at first but it will be worth it. Think of the everyone impacted by your decisions and the example you are setting for everyone in your life.

Lifestyle and Dietary Choices:

The American lifestyle often includes sedentary behaviors and poor dietary choices. Fast food, high-calorie snacks, and sugary beverages are readily available and heavily marketed. The convenience and prevalence of these options contribute to unhealthy eating habits and, consequently, higher rates of obesity. As a gym in Florence, KY we’re regularly fighting a battle with many odds stacked against us. One that we’re willing and ready to take on.

Action Item: Get a Nutrition Coach to help clean up your diet! If you could do it yourself you would have done it by now. Stop putting it off and waiting for the perfect time. Stop making excuses and blaming it on other people. Take ownership of your life. TAKE ACTION! It will save your life and increase your current quality of life. 

Set Clear, Realistic Goals:

Start by defining clear and achievable fitness goals. Whether it’s losing weight, building muscle, improving endurance, or adopting a healthier lifestyle, specificity is key. Break down your long-term goals into smaller, manageable milestones. This approach not only makes your objectives more achievable but also provides a roadmap for success.

Action Item: Write 1-5 goals down and make at least 2 of them very easy to build some momentum. Example: get out of bed today. Make 1 of the 5 goals a stretch goal. Example: Run a 5k. Now set a time frame you wish to achieve these goals. Take that paper and stick it to your bathroom mirror. Read them off daily until you need a new list. 

The Hurdle: Time Management

One of the most frequently cited hurdles to fitness success is the challenge of time management. Modern life is fast-paced and demanding, leaving little room for dedicated exercise. Balancing work, family, and personal commitments often leads to the excuse of “I don’t have time to work out.”

Action Item: Set your schedule one week at a time and build in at least 10 minutes a day for working out. Everyone has 10 minutes and if you don’t, wake up 10 minutes earlier. Ideally you can schedule in 30 to 60 minutes daily for exercise. This is where your goals really matter because there will be days you do not want to do it. But your goals if they matter should be the added push to do it. Your family, your friends, the way you look should all matter enough to do it. Now get writing! SMART Goal sheet

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Let us know how we can help you as we navigate this challenging time of year!

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