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The Workout
This workout doubles as a great warm up. It is from Ben Patrik AKA: Knees Over Toes Guy. I’ve been dealing with some knee pain lately and love this workout to warm me up before any squatting, deadlifting or lunging. I’ve attached a video showing the movement and me doing the AMRAP. This is a quality or quantity workout. 

10min AMRAP 

50ft Reverse Sled Drag
20 Tibialis Raise 
20 Calf Raise

Here’s a brief guide to each of these movements, with a link to a video demonstration at the end.

Movement 1: Reverse Sled Drag
The reverse sled drag is an excellent way to activate the posterior chain, including the hamstrings and glutes, without putting undue pressure on the knees.

1. Attach a weighted sled to a harness or grip a strap in both hands.
2. Stand facing the sled and walk backward, pulling it along.
3. Keep your back straight, core engaged, and take small steps.

Movement 2: Tibialis Raise
Tibialis raises help in strengthening the muscles in front of the shin, which can contribute to knee stabilization.

1. Stand back against the wall.
2. Lean back slightly and place your feet flat on the ground to start.
3. Raise your toes towards your shins, then lower them back down.
4. Perform this movement in a controlled manner, focusing on the muscles in the front of your lower leg.

Movement 3: Calf Raise
Calf raises target the muscles in the back of the lower leg, promoting balance and alignment, which can help in relieving knee pain.

1. Stand arm’s length from the wall. Leaning forward with your hands on the wall.
2. Press down through the balls of your feet and raise your body upward.
3. Slowly lower yourself back down, controlling the movement. Allow your heels to touch the ground before lifting back up for the next rep. 
4. This exercise can be performed using body weight or with added resistance.

For a visual guide to these exercises, you can watch the following video demonstration.

This 10-minute workout is not only efficient in warming up the lower body but is also tailored to alleviate knee pain by focusing on muscles that support knee joint stability. Always consult with a healthcare provider or fitness professional to ensure these exercises are appropriate for your individual situation. Regularly incorporating these movements into your fitness routine can lead to increased strength, flexibility, and ultimately, a pain-free active lifestyle.

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