January Member of the Month: Nicki Wartman

Since joining our community in December, 2022, Nicki Wartman has become a beacon of dedication at Triumph Strength. Her commitment to attending classes three-four times a week and maintaining a strong focus on nutrition sets a standard that’s the north star for what we look for in a community member at Triumph. As we step into the new year, it’s our pleasure to announce Nicki as our January Member of the Month.

Nicki’s journey is a testament to the power of consistency and humility in the pursuit of personal growth. Her attitude toward self-improvement can be seen through every lift, every squat, and every meal she plans. It’s not just about being better than yesterday; it’s about the grace with which she carries her progress.

Coaches and members alike speak of Nicki’s drive with admiration. “Her drive to get better each day is an inspiration,” says one coach, a sentiment echoed throughout our gym. She approaches every challenge with a positive outlook, whether she’s setting a new personal best or sharing the experience with her daughter Madison through their fitness journey.

Pre-existing knee issues may have been a hurdle, but Nicki has shown us all what it means to rise above. With patience and perseverance, she’s not only managing her knee problems but also thriving despite them, proving that barriers are there to be overcome.

Nicki and Madison’s presence at Triumph Strength brings a special energy that motivates everyone. They remind us that fitness is a journey you don’t have to take alone—it’s about community, support, and shared goals.

Let’s all take a page from Nicki’s book this month. Embrace every workout with a heart full of courage and the will to improve. And remember, each step you take is a step toward a better, stronger you.

Congratulations, Nicki, for being a example of what it means to be a member of Triumph Strength. Here’s to many more months of your inspiring presence!

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