March Member of the Month: Billy Hancock

For someone who has only been with our community for about 6 months. Billy has come in the doors and hit the ground running. Since September, Billy has shown what hard work and consistency can accomplish. With the goal of being fit for his children and family, in a way, Billy has the underlying goal for most of us. There may be some variation from person to person, but generally speaking we all just want to be fit and healthy. What is different about Billy’s case is he has had major surgery on his brain.

This brings us to this year’s CrossFit Open. With the somewhat recent additions of different divisions for adaptive athletes. Billy falls into the neuromuscular division, one of the 16 additional divisions. Not only is he participating, pushing his personal limits and stepping outside his comfort zone. He is prospering, placing in the top 50 in his division!

We say this a lot and it holds true as ever. We are so genuinely lucky to have Billy as a part of our community. Make sure you give him a huge congratulations when you see him next.

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