May Member of the Month: Carrie Eagler

Triumph Strength is proud to announce our Member of the Month, Carrie Eagler! Carrie is a dedicated member of our gym community, and we are thrilled to recognize her hard work and commitment to fitness.

Carrie is a long-distance runner and recently completed her second Boston Marathon, an impressive accomplishment that requires both physical and mental strength. However, despite her busy training schedule, Carrie understands the importance of strength training and consistently makes time to come to Triumph.

Carrie can often be found pushing herself to lift heavier weights and perfect her form. She takes the time to focus on her technique and listens to her body to prevent injury and ensure progress. Her dedication to strength training is admirable and serves as a reminder of the importance of well-rounded fitness.

Beyond her fitness achievements, Carrie is a teacher who makes a positive impact on her students and colleagues. She brings the same kindness and welcoming attitude to the gym, creating a supportive environment for all members to thrive in.

We are fortunate to have Carrie as a member of our gym community and look forward to continuing to support her fitness journey. Her commitment to both running and strength training is inspiring, and we know she will continue to achieve great things in both areas. Congratulations, Carrie, on being named Triumph Strength’s Member of the Month!

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