November Member of the Month: Jason Weiland

There are certain months where we come together as a coaching staff and ask “who do you have for this month’s M.O.M.” It’s never really a stretch to figure out who we’re going to highlight, but there is some deliberation. November was not one of those months. It was a natural and easy choice to pick Jason.

Aside from being one of the most easy going afternoon fitness’ers, Jason is also one of the most encouraging. Not to mention his work ethic. Effortless and yet relentless. I was at our open gym on Sunday and Jason just casually PR’d his power clean by 10 lbs, leaving plenty of room on the bar. Upon asking him what he had going on during the week, he informed me he was heading out of town for a couple days. Come to Monday, he’s back at the gym at a non-normal time for him, just to get that extra workout in before his travels. In fact, the photo below was taken during that class.

Within the same class, Jason stayed right next to a brand new addition to the gym and encouraged her through the end of her first class workout. For this and many other reason, we want to formally congratulate Jason on being our November Member of the Month.

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