November Member of the Month: Jen Means

We say “we’re more than just a community” a lot around here and Jen exemplifies that. We’re a family that celebrates the relentless spirit and the success of our members. This November, we’re thrilled to shine a spotlight on an individual whose tenacity, dedication, and commitment to herself have left an mark on all of us. Meet Jen Means, our November Member of the Month!

Jen started on her fitness journey with us in August 2022. In just a little over a year, she has shown a remarkable transformation in both strength and overall fitness. What truly distinguishes Jen is not just her progress over the past 12 months, but her willingness to learn how to make herself better. She doesn’t just do the workouts; she does everything she can to understand the reasons behind them, constantly asking questions to grasp the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind every move.

If you’ve been to any of our classes, you’d know that Jen brings the energy into every session. Her commitment and excitement are infectious. She doesn’t merely push boundaries; she obliterates them, and in doing so, she inspires everyone around her. Her positivity and encouragement uplift all members, making every workout not just a physical challenge but a celebration of what we can achieve together.

Jen’s commitment to her fitness journey and the community spirit she brings to Triumph Strength exemplifies what we stand for. As we celebrate her this month, we’re not just acknowledging her personal achievements but honoring the inspiration she brings to all of us daily.

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