Nutrition 101 is back

Nutrition is an important, if not the most important aspect of fitness, body composition, and overall health. At Triumph Strength, our Nutrition 101 class provides valuable knowledge and tools to help our clients achieve their fitness goals.

Starting the week of April 17, this class covers the basics of macronutrients, including carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Understanding how to balance these macronutrients in our diet can have a significant impact on our overall health and fitness. Carbohydrates provide our bodies with energy, proteins are essential for muscle repair and growth, and fats are crucial for hormone production and brain function.

In addition to learning about macronutrients, the class also teaches participants how to eat well. This includes making healthier food choices, planning meals in advance, and being mindful of portion sizes. By learning how to make healthy food choices, our clients can achieve their fitness goals while still enjoying the foods they love.

Changing one’s diet can be challenging, and the Nutrition 101 class also addresses the obstacles and challenges that come with making dietary changes. This includes strategies for staying motivated, stress eating, dealing with cravings, and overcoming roadblocks.

Overall, our Nutrition 101 class is essential for anyone looking to improve their fitness, body composition, and overall health. By learning about macronutrients, healthy eating habits, and overcoming challenges with dietary changes, our clients can make meaningful progress towards achieving their goals. At Triumph Strength, we believe that a holistic approach to fitness includes both physical training and proper nutrition, and our Nutrition 101 class is a crucial part of that equation.

Check out what our first session took away from the class.

I really enjoyed the class. There was a lot of useful information that I didn’t know before and in learning that I became more confident in my food choice and how to select that food. I was also able to share what I learned with my dad, and I am hoping that through my progress, he will see that the proper way to be healthy isn’t some loophole magic trick and just takes time and dedication. I’ve been a lot happier with my overall outlook on myself since starting the class, and now that I am armed with the knowledge I have now, I want to keep moving forward and improving.


I loved the classes! I learned a lot about making good nutritional choices and fitness decisions. I loved being able to ask questions and hear insights from other people too. I’ve been able to establish and maintain healthy habits, and I have more energy when I’m working out. Joy has an infectious personality and is a great teacher. She gives practical guidance and encouragement.


Nutrition 101 empowered me to take the right next steps to get control of my health. I have made progress each week and although I have not reached my goal yet, this class gave me the tools to make better choices with food, water and activity. I have more energy, I am sleeping well and my body feels better already. Joy is an awesome coach, and she can help you reach your goals! 

Starts the week of April 17. Class times are from 7-8pm

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