Please Welcome Danny Bartlett and True Rehabilitation

We have the distinct honor to formally introduce Danny Bartlett and his Board Certified Orthopedic Physical Therapist clinic at Triumph Strength. We have a goal at Triumph to have a “one stop shop” for all your physical, nutritional and recovery needs and the addition of True Rehabilitation drives us closer to that goal. Danny brings 9 years of physical therapy experience to Triumph and has a passion for how the human body moves and works. In his words he is a “human movement specialist”.

Danny’s goal is to change the perspective of Physical Therapy. Traditionally seeing a therapist, given a number of exercises to do and checking in after a couple weeks, in Danny’s mind, is not the way to treat a given ailment. At True Rehabilitation, the goal is to find the source of the pain, treat the root cause and hopefully have the patient move on from having to be treated again.

Danny is also certified for spinal manipulation, manual manipulation and dry needling. As well as movement assessments, follow ups and therapy plans to help you get back on track. To schedule an initial consultation you can email Danny at [email protected] or contact him directly at (859) 816-1291.

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