Please welcome Jennifer!

Jennifer has been with at Triumph for about two years now. In that short time she’s become an integral part of our community. A talented athlete and mother, she comes from a very active background. She’s joining our staff in both a nutritional guidance and training role. We asked her a bunch of questions and she answered in turn!

Where are you from? I am from Petersburg, KY

How long have you been into fitness? I have been active since I was in middle school and have continued through the years. I ran track, cross country, and cheerleading in high school. I didn’t find CrossFit until 2014 but haven’t missed more than a week of workouts since. 

What got you started in your fitness journey? I had a friend in middle school that talked me into trying Cross Country. I had always loved being outside and being active so I was instantly hooked with the high that came from running long distances in the woods. I’ve been addicted to the endorphins from fitness since. 

What is your favorite thing about working out? My favorite thing about working out is the feeling of accomplishment I get after each workout. I also love knowing I am doing something great for my body.  

Who are your inspirations? My children are my inspiration. I want to be healthy and a good role model for them. As we know, they are always watching and can see the good and bad we put before them. I try to be the best person I can be so they can do the same as they get older.

What do you enjoy about helping people? As a therapist, I have always been drawn to helping people reach their goals even when they seem impossible. I feel the same way about helping people with fitness goals. There is something amazing to be said about watching people do things they didn’t know they would be able to do just by breaking things down in an less overwhelming way. 

What’s your favorite workout? I love long metcons (25 mins and up) but my absolute favorite is anything with cleans and double unders. 

Favorite cheat meal? Tied between pizza or burger.

What is your least favorite workout? I equally loathe Fran and Karen

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