Summer’s Over, Now What?

With the dawn of a new school year, our children dive into new routines and challenges. For adults, this change can serve as a motivating force, pushing us to renew our commitment to our health, fitness, and overall mental well-being. But how does one rekindle the flames of an exercise regimen after a long hiatus? The energetic environment of CrossFit and the specialized focus of personal training may offer the solutions you seek.

1. Ease Into Intensity

The temptation to dive headfirst into demanding workouts can be strong, but a measured approach is essential. Whether you’re considering the rigorous sessions of CrossFit or the customized workouts of personal training, starting at a pace that matches your current fitness level is crucial.

2. Commit to a Timetable

Treat workouts as non-negotiable appointments. Regardless on how you start back, this is a crucial step to your success. Treat these as a dentist appointment or important meeting. They’re something you must adhere to!

3. Tailor Your Goals

Having a clear vision can drive success. Set benchmarks with your coach or trainer’s guidance can create a roadmap to success.

4. Anticipate and Plan for Obstacles

Life’s unexpected turns can disrupt our fitness pursuits. Simple strategies, such as preparing your clothes and food beforehand class can have huge improvements

5. Prioritize Stretching

When you reintroduce regular workouts to your routine, especially demanding ones, it’s pivotal to focus on flexibility. Proper warm-ups and cool-downs ensure your body remains limber and ready for the next challenge.

6. Nutrition is Key

An upswing in activity requires a corresponding shift in nutrition. A balanced intake of carbohydrates, proteins and fats will fuel your body, especially essential when you’re investing time and energy back into your routine.

7. Embrace Accountability

Your journey in fitness will have its highs and lows. Sharing this voyage, whether with the community, loved one, coworker or friend can have drastic results in your favor.

8. Celebrate Your Victories

Each achievement, be it mastering a challenging CrossFit move or hitting a milestone in your personal training, is a testament to your dedication. Use these moments and use them as fuel for future goals.

As the school year progresses, let’s embrace this opportunity to embark on or renew our fitness journey.

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